Tile installer

Peakstone Tile
Job location: Delta - BC, British Columbia
Job ID: #JP247-143453
Employer: Peakstone Tile
Job Category: Construction
Vacancies: 2
Salary: $26 per Hour
Posting date: June 27, 2022
Expiry date: October 26, 2022


  • Prepare, measure and mark surface to be covered
  • Build under beds and install anchor bolts, wires and brackets
  • Mix, apply and spread mortar, cement, mastic, glue or other adhesives using hand trowel
  • Set tiles in position and apply pressure to affix tiles to base
  • Align and straighten tile using levels, squares and straightedges
  • Cut and fit tiles around obstacles and openings using hand and power cutting tools
  • Pack grout into joints between tiles and remove excess grout
  • Install tile strips
  • Lay and set mosaic tiles to create decorative wall, mural and floor designs
  • Mix, lay and polish terra surfaces
  • Cut, polish and install marble and granite
  • Remove and replace cracked or damaged tiles
  • May prepare cost estimates and orders.
  • the most work we are doing is installing the Glass mosic tile on the swimming pools and hot tubs floors and walls and the persons we are looking to hire must have at leest 1-2 years experince in this tile installation industry.
  • the job is requre to be patiently and very precise on how the tile will get installed.