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Business Management Analyst (Full-Time Position)

Vancouver - BC, British Columbia,CANADA
Job ID
Gravitas Ilium Corporation
Job Category
Posting Date
July 21, 2018
Expiry date
August 20, 2018

Business Management Analyst

Company Overview

Gravitas Ilium Corporation (GIC), through its regulated subsidiaries and affiliates, provides a wide range of financial and advisory services to institutional and retail clients across Canada, Unites States, China, India and the Middle East.

GIC is a financial service holding company jointly owned by Gravitas Financial Inc. and Ilium Capital Corporation that specializes in cross-border capital services between China and Canada. GIC offers expertise across a broad range of financial services such as debt, equity, product-structuring, market expansion, investment banking and Global M&A.

Job Title: Business Management Analyst (Full-Time Position)

GIC has been experiencing tremendous growth since last year, especially in the area of integrating resources and talents from Canada and China. As the company is growing, we realize the importance of developing management leadership capacity for our mid to senior management personnel to ensure the company continues to sustainable growth by being able to respond to the rapid changing business environment.

We are looking for a highly motivated person to join our Business Management team to assist the team to assess, evaluate and propose management development and efficiency solutions for foreGrowth, a GIC 100% wholly owned subsidiary office in Vancouver. The successful analyst will be one who possess in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of various management and operations paradigms and can contribute to the success of our firm by leveraging interpersonal communications skills and experience in a fast-paced environment.

foreGrowth works with institutions and registered dealers to offer private high-grade institutional investments that are not typically accessible to everyday investors. These best-of-breed investments are designed to offer an optimal balance of security, yield and meaningful return potential.

Main Responsibilities

The responsibilities of this position can be divided in two major areas: Data Gathering, and Assessment and Recommendation.

Data Gathering:

  • Gather and organize information on the management challenges to be addressed within GIC and recommend steps to improve the current management capacity.

  • Interview personnel and conduct on-site observations to determine the current culture and the potential challenges of implementing a new culture within GIC.

Assessment and recommendation:

  • Assist senior manager to conduct gaps analysis to determine the critical success factors in developing management capacity at the strategic level in an organization.

  • Assist senior manager to assess and recommend formal organizational structures that enhance management capability of the firm.

  • Assist senior manager to assess and recommend informal cultures that enhance management capability of the firm.

  • Assist senior manager to assess major workflows and recommend ways to optimize management capability of the firm.

  • Assist senior manager to assess the levels of employees’ engagement of the firm

  • Assist senior manager to recommend new systems, procedures, or organizational changes.

  • Assist senior manager to make recommendations to senior management through presentations or written reports.


Successful candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Education:

    • Bachelor degree in management or leadership is required. Master degree in Management or Leadership is preferred.

    • In-depth theoretical and practical understanding of management and operations paradigm .

  • Experience:

    • Have management and management consulting experience (three years or more) in multi-cultural settings (especially China and North America experience).

    • Language proficiency: English.

    • Other Important Skills:

      • Diagnostic skills: able to gather management data and diagnose the roots problems and identify areas of efficiency and continuous improvement within the organization.

      • Analytical skills: able to interpret a wide range of information and use his/her findings to make efficiency proposals.

      • Interpersonal skills. Able to work well with management team and frontline employees to discuss matters related to process efficiency and continuous improvement.

      • Problem-solving skills: Able to think creatively to propose process and efficiency solutions.

      • Communication skills: Must be good in listening skills to understand the organization’s process, culture, and efficiency challenges and propose appropriate solutions.

      • Time-management skills: Business Leadership analyst often work under tight deadlines and must use their time efficiently to complete projects on time.


  • $70,000/annum.

  • Benefits: dental insurance, disability insurance, extended medical insurance, employer-provided pension.

Work Hours

  • 30 hours/week.

Work Duration

  • 2 years.

Start Date

  • As soon as possible.

GIC Business (Headquarter) Location

  • 1700-333 Bay Street, Toronto, ON, Canada M5H 2R2.

Headquarder Contact Information

  • T: 647.252.1674

  • F: 416.646.1942

Work Location

  • 1640 – 505 Burrarda Street, Vancouver, BC V7X 1M3.

  • This position requires trips to GIC headquarter located at Suite 1700, 333 Bay Street, Toronto, ON, Canada M5H 2R2.

Work Location Contact Information

  • T: 604.428.7850

  • F: 604.428.7851

Any inquiry regarding the job posting, please contact: 647-818-9277

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