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Nanny for the McKay Family

North-Vancouver - BC, British Columbia,CANADA
Job ID
Gillian McKay
Job Category
Child Care
Posting Date
October 13, 2018
Expiry date
February 13, 2019

The nanny’s main responsibility is looking after the needs and safety of our two young boys. The nanny must be very comfortable taking them on the bus and being in charge using a double stroller.

Our 4 year old is in preschool 3 mornings a week. Transit is at our door step as are parks and great recreation places (10-20 min walk or a quick bus trip) to go with the kids. You can take the bus to pre-school or walk.

An average week: 2 year old naps every afternoon for 2 hrs.

 Monday: Bus to pre-school and take 2 year old to the drop in play area (or swim). Pick up from pre-school. Bus/walk home.

Tuesday: Home day - walks in nature, backyard fun and two parks close by, bus to library etc. home for lunch.

Wednesday: OFF (when working Wed, it is like Monday/Fridays).

Thursday: Head out 10am to gymnastics class for both kids.

Friday: Bus to Pre-school, take 2 yr old to swim (or drop in play area). Pick up from Pre-School.

They love to dance to music and run around! The backyard has a playhouse, picnic table to have snacks at and a trampoline so you can stay close to home with them but still get them outside and in to the fresh air.

Our kids play together a lot and have been attending daycare together too, both since they each were 1 years old so they are used to listening to a teacher, following routines in the day, having structured learning time and understanding expectations. But you must be calm, patient and firm.  The younger one is getting more in to what the older one likes, this can be both a great thing and a challenging one :) They love LEGO and puzzles, building race tracks, train tracks, drawing and painting, and playing Ninja! They also really like to help make meals!

Applicants must have experience with children with the same age groups with at least one year to two years.

Education: At least Grade 12.

Must speak read, write English. Two days off and will work 40 hours in 5 days.

Benefits being offered: WCB               Salary Offer: $14.50  an hour

Employer: The McKay                 Email Address:

Location of Work  Braemar Road East     North Vancouver      B.C. V7N 1R2

Preference to Canadians, new immigrants, aboriginals, youth, older workers and people with disabilities.