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Job Printer

Scarborough - ON, Ontario,CANADA
Job ID
Job Category
Printing & Publishing
Posting Date
November 24, 2020
-36 days left

Terms of employment: Full Time, Permanent, Day

Salary: $22.00 Hourly, for 30 - 40 Hours per week

Location: 19 Passmore Avenue, Unit 22

Experience: 1 year or more

Main duties of the Job:

Cleaning ink rolls after runs are completed;
Designing and setting up product compositi ons and page layouts;
Examining printed sheets in order to detect errors and to evaluate the adequacy of impression clarity;
Filling ink fountains, replacing cartridges and moving levers to adjust the flow;
Resetting type to correct typographical errors;
Setting feed guides according to sizes and thic knesses of paper;
Inserting spacers between words and leads between lines;
Laying forms on proof presses, fastening paper to press ro llers, and pulling rollers over forms to make proof copies;
Selecting type from type cases and inserting type in printers’ sticks to reproduce material in copy; and
Leading one printer assistant and directing activities.